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A key challenge for the telecommunications industry is to deliver and manage end-to-end communications services over an interconnected, but heterogeneous, networking infrastructure. The SFI-funded Federated, Autonomic Management of End-to-end communication services (FAME) Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) will develop autonomic management solutions incorporating new semantic analysis techniques, that can be applied to build federated network and service management systems that understand changes in the environment and coordinate their actions to reconfigure network resources and services to effectively deliver services on an end-to-end basis. FAME brings together academics and industry specialists in the management of communications networks and services. This project is pushing the barriers of what is technically possible in terms of allowing forms of self-management, allowing some parts of a network, and some services that run on these networks, to “work out for themselves” what is needed to operate efficiently.

In the first three years of FAME (Y1-Y3, 2009-20011) the cluster focused on building up expertise and core skills in understanding the challenges of building federated, autonomic management solutions for end-to-end communication services. The orientation of the cluster in Y4 (2012) and Y5 (2013) concentrates on leveraging the experience gained in the initial period to apply it more directly to industry challenges. To ensure the results have a meaningful impact on industry and society, there are now several dedicated work plans aligned to the immediate and future challenges of the industry partners in the FAME SRC. These work plans are co-lead by an Industry partner and are focused on developing demonstrations of the solutions being researched and developed.

Intellectual Property and technical know-how generated by FAME will enable the creation and growth of an Irish-based international communications service management cluster that will grow the considerable investment already made in this sector by multinational companies, such as the cluster partners Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and IBM, as well as indigenous communications management companies. Together this cluster will help position Ireland as a global leader in communications management related research, product development and professional services.

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