How Much Does A Good Cleaning Service Cost?

house cleanerSo you’ve got a strong desire to hire a cleaning service, but now you are wondering what the expected cost is going to be. Well I’m going to be honest with you. If you want to truly be taken care of and you want your cleaning to be a seamless part of your life, with no stress, worry or annoyance on your part. Then it’s going to cost you quite a lot.

You may have the impression that its only going to cost €10-€12 an hour., but you’d be completely wrong. Those cleaners who charge super low amounts are are doing so for a reason. I’ve outlined the reasons why you shouldn’t just hire the cheapest cleaner you can find, in other blog posts that I’ve written on this website. So I wont go over them again. However it should be blatantly obvious to you anyways, that when you spend more money you get a better quality product or service. This holds true in almost all circumstances, no matter what it us that you are trying to buy.

So please don’t be cheap when it comes to this decision. Of course having said that, there are still going to be solutions to fit most budgets.

The total cost will vary depending on many different factors. The obvious things which it will depend on are the size of your home, how often you need it cleaned and how deep a cleaning you desire. It will also depend on whether you want any extra services such as laundry, food preparation etc.

henry vacuumBut it will also depend on whether you live in a big city and other factors like how many people use cleaners in your city already. If you live in a wealthy city then the demand for the best cleaners will be high and thus they will be able to charge much more. If you are unwilling to spend a lot of money you should expect to get a second rate cleaner. They may be prone to breaking things, have poor attention to detail, have poor English and thus be unable to follow simple instructions or worse, they may just steal your stuff when you’re at work!

Unless you know of a friend who also uses a cleaner on a regular basis, then your best bet is to go to Google and search for what you are looking for. As always keep your wits about you and remember if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is!

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