How To Hire A Home Cleaner

In our modern societies it seems like even though we are surrounded by more and more incredible technology we are actually working longer and harder than ever before.

It also doesn’t help that because real wages have not increased for most families in the last 30 or 40 years, that now more and more people are finding that to raise kids, pay the their mortgage and all the other bills and debts, that both are parents are now having to work full time as well.

So keeping the house clean, doing laundry and all those other never-ending household chores are just not getting done properly.

washing dishes

For that reason, more and more families are opting to outsource these services, in the same way that a business may outsource certain parts of their business instead of performing them in-house. House cleaning is now the most common service that people are hiring companies to take care of for them.

However with so much choice, how do you decide who to choose? Also you are placing a lot of trust in this person as they will be in your home, very close to your most prized and potentially very valuable possessions. Also, often you’ll be giving them a key of their own, so that they can clean your home for you when you are at work and your children are at school. That can be a very daunting prospect for many people, and rightfully so.

There are no doubt many considerable benefits to hiring a cleaning company,. However there are some things you have to watch out for and of course you must perform your due diligence first. Hiring the cheapest or first cleaner you come across is an absolute recipe for disaster.

I’ve created a short but informative guide of the specific things you should be taking into account.

It will be helpful to keep this things in mind when looking for your cleaner.

cleaning mirrorsLook For Testimonials And Reviews

The power of the internet is that dodgy companies can’t hide in the shadows anymore. If a company does a poor job for a customer, that customer can go online and post a very public review. This can be very damaging but forces companies to be on top of their game, doing their very best to offer the best possible service at all times.

Of course sometimes things do go wrong, but as long as they try to make things better in any way they can, then that’s a great sign.

So always look for any reviews that you can but don’t just look at the positive ones, as some of them are more likely to be fake. The best is to look at the lower star reviews and also check out the companies response to these reviews too as that can be very telling.

Check Out How Many Years They’ve Been In Business

A company that has been around for many years should be a lot more trustworthy. If they were mistreating their customers then they would have gone bankrupt long ago. So more years in business means they are providing a great service with fantastic customer support.

Don’t Just Shop Based On Price

It can be very tempting to hire independent cleaners who are charging very little. But remember, in this life, you always get what you pay for. If someone is charging very little for their service or their time then it’s because people are unwilling to pay more. Also low priced operators will not be insured, so if they get injured you’ll be on the hook for at minimum of 5 figures in compensation.

If they damage or break an item of yours, they wont have any insurance to cover it and they certainly wont have the money themselves to fix or replace the item. They also won’t have a car meaning they’ll need to use your vacuum cleaner. Again if they cause damage to it they wont be able to replace it and they’ll also be filling up your vacuum bags without replacing them. They wont be able to accept card payments as they wont have that facility open to them.

They also will not have been background checked and so you’ve no clue who is really in your home. You won’t know where they live and you may not even know their real name. A very scary prospect indeed. Make sure you always go with a reputable company.

One other little cunning trick that bad companies will play on you is that they’ll offer you a low price to being with and then increase the price once they arrive at the cleaning. This bait and switch tactic is very dirty but many do it. Avoid companies like this at all costs.

Look For Actual Written Proof Of Extensive Background Checks

Many companies say that they background check their cleaners. However this often just involves calling a number of their past references and nothing more. The thing is, if you had performed poorly for a previous employer would you put their details in your resume? No you wouldn’t. However you will put the contact details of references who’ll say positive things about you. Hence they are essentially useless. What you need to look for is companies that do full drug and criminal background checks.

These are expensive and will end up meaning a more expensive service, but isn’t the peace of mind worth it? I think it is. Also you can even ask the company for proof of these tests being carried out, as official documents will be issued upon each background check.

Make sure they are members of the proper accredited organisations too. The best and main one is the ARCSI. it is not easy to get accepted by them but if you are it means you have passed a certain (high) level of quality and you are guaranteed to receive a fantastic service.

My personal recommendation for a fantastic house cleaning company is of course our very own Home Concierge – Dublin City. If you need someone to take cleaning off your hands then look no further than these guys.

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